This is a short introduction to the basics of the app Florence.

Plus card

A Plus card is used to quickly register a medicine intake that you have not scheduled, i.e. an occasional reminder.

Create a new Plus card by clicking the plus symbol card. In the empty card that opens up, just search for your medication and Save. Now you’ve got a new card named as the medication that you choose.

When you want to log your medication intake click on the card, choose dosage and Save.

The intake is saved in The Diary.


In Florence, you can set reminders, so that it becomes easier to remember what medicine to take at what time.

You set a new reminder by clicking on the card with the plus symbol and then search for a medication listed on the card.

  1. First, choose the time by clicking the hour and minute, and indicate when you want the reminder.
  2. You can also choose which day or days as the reminder should not call by clearing each day in the circles that appears under the time. If you want to receive a notice at the same time every day, you don’t need do anything. All days are selected by default.
  3. In the list that appears when you type three or more letters, you will find medications and you can select any. Now select the dosage from the menu below the product name and then click Add to list. Now you have added the first drug and can choose to add more by clicking Add more. You can add as many drugs as you like to a specific reminder. Tap Save when you are done.

Now, there’s a new reminder card on the table and it has the same name as the time you specified.


At the top right of the app there’s a round icon. Click on it to get to The Diary where all the medicine intakes are recorded. You can change or delete a medicine ingestion by clicking on a date, and then the drug you want to change.

It is possible to change the dosage and if the drug is taken or not, and at what time. If you want to delete an intake, just swipe your finger over the name of the medication. You’ll then see a red button with a white symbol in the middle. Click the button and the intake disappears completely for that particular medicine.

More questions about Florence

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Thank you for your interest in Florence!

P.S. Do you want to download the iPhone app Florence? You can find the app for medication reminders and log book on the App Store.